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The Dogs Race to the Door

by Left-Handed 2nd Baseman

I-90 05:12
“I90” (Broderick/Kelsen) I know sometime it seems like we won’t ever leave Like the walls closing in, like it’s gettin’ harder to breathe I’m drivin down I-90 carrying the load My eyes growing tired and the next rest stops closed They think ‘cause I was born a ploughman I’ll give ‘em ground They want me to work like the sun don’t ever go down And the man that I am ain’t the man I’m trying to be That man work hard for his money and he somehow still feel free I-90 won’t you carry me home My baby’s alone in our bed I-90 won’t you carry me home And leave me alone til I’m dead I been sleeping in my jeans, eatin rice and beans Gettin my news from a screen while I pump gasoline And now I’m hearing from the man, on the gas pump news That everybodys pickin sides and I’m runnin outta time to choose Seattle to Coeur d’Alene got a strange design Then it’s mountains in the mornin then the Plains til the PA line I’m drivin down I-90 carrying the load I’m runnin outta time but I ain’t running outta road Repeat Chorus Boss in the radio tellin me to focus But I can hear guitars baby I can hear violas He can only hear an engine, I can hear an opus I’m too busy smellin roses to keep up with the Joneses Repeat Chorus
“Over and Over Again” (Broderick) Relax, play doo wop, I'll drive these empty streets By this time tomorrow we'll be dancing in the trees With backpockets full of memories we'll never review an empty dinner table in a place I never knew there’s only so many avenues and so much dirt below i’m always singing sad songs they’re the only ones I know I could have been a rock, I could have been a stone Coulda been a contender I just didn’t need a throne It’s like they say in the end, it happens over and over again when you sing a song for a friend you sing it over and over again I woke up in America and stumbled to my feet like the last ones at a party we searched for a place to sleep i never saw the bodies I never saw the blood only say the eyeballs looking out across the flood i sang a song of sorrow, of primordial design i stood above the ruins of the cities and the shrines what good is a kingdom if ain’t nobody in it? and I’ll always believe you even if no one see ya did it Repeat Chorus x2
On My Way 03:38
“On My Way” (Broderick) The pavement has a fragrance That draws you in, your hearts off to the races A simple gesture, lasts forever a feeling rushing through all time and space I'm on my way, I'm on my way I hit a few speed bumps along the way But I made it through, I climbed a view No man has see before Texas, it's endless it stretches out like bomb tests in the desert magnolias bloom, 'neath ancient moons an outstretched hand from a slowly passing train Repeat Chorus I finally found my family now a garden grows around me I made it back from war now the dogs race to the door Repeat Chorus x 2
“Tom Wolfe’s Tailor” (Broderick) Verse 1: Well I wonder if Tom Wolfe's Tailor ever read his books/ Whether he thought he was a man of letters, a dilletante, or a crook/ Cuttin up them suits so loud, his entrance was an exit/ Silently sewing searsucker psychedelic Chorus: Well some men are mountaineers, and some men are sailors/ Some men are Tom Wolfe, and some men are his tailor/ Miami Vice meets loaded dice, in a bus on its way to Queens/ A ridealong with Neil Armstrong, piloting our dreams Verse 2: Portrait of a man, flying over Vietnam/ Flies on the wall for Rome at the fall, and the great folly of man/ More Dear Johns, dead and gone, from a fate they can't command/ John looked at Tom, then dropped the bomb, said, "we don't know where that lands/ Repeat Chorus Bridge: And i think I know what I believe/ But I'm not an impartial actor/ And you know looks well they deceive/ But they're not the only factor Verse 3: The crowds the same just older/ Though you know you’re the beholder/ Seen the beauty and the greed/ And the suffering through the gold dust/ Making sense don’t pay the rent and good intent just gets blown up/ When we make the same mistakes, we're stuck in place, dressed up as grown ups Repeat Chorus
“Branch Collar” (Broderick) Let me go, I don't want my problems to be yours It's gravity that's got me, knocking at your door I'll float away, a fading note, a star that slowly dies My memory will catapult you clear across the sky And I'll be right beside you, a million miles from here That tangled root you start to feel, when the love you need is near One spring morning you'll awake, your plants will start to flower And I'll be coming back to you 10,000 miles per hour
“Go Run and Tell Your Masters” (Broderick) I awoke along a concrete shore Asked god a lot of favors though I always ask for more There’s a lotta flavors and only one is yours Go run and tell your masters there’ll be peace no more Go run and tell your masters there’ll be peace no more Go run and tell your masters there’ll be peace no more We’ll take you from your living rooms to living on the run All I ever tried to find was the right side of the gun We didn’t want the fever but what you did is done And now we’re only left the course that we were running from Go run and tell your masters there’ll be peace no more Go run and tell your masters there’ll be peace no more The fidelity of my memory is what keeps me waking up The hope that this war we made will one day make some love But I won’t hold my breath I’ll frame a picture that I drew A plan for bold reaction, the reckless thing to do Go run and tell your masters there’ll be peace no more Go run and tell your masters there’ll be peace no more Go run and tell your masters there’ll be peace no more
“A Fire I Can Burn With” (Broderick) I'm gonna love you, I'm gonna love you the way I did before I'm gonna love you, but this time I'm gonna love you even more I'm gonna sing to you old love songs I'm gonna sing to you all night long If it ain't right it ain't worth it I'll be with you when the earth shifts I need a fire I can burn with I need a fire I can burn with I'm gonna glide now I'm gonna glide around the moon And we will crash as one solid mass that brings your strings right back in tune I'm gonna sing to you old love songs I'm gonna sing to you all night long Repeat Chorus
“A Man Under the Influence” (Broderick) I know, I take you for granted And I don’t know how you manage With a man like me Sometime the sadness consumes me And you’re all that moves me Where I’m trying to be And try as I might and do as I do All of my wisdom is loving you I know you got your own demons And your own reasons For what you believe in I try to be brave, say I don’t need to be saved But you can tell: I’m not okay Repeat Chorus I pulled through a puddle in the driveway I step into the rain, I pickup fallen branches from the storm Don’t ever think I didn’t know what we had I never set out to be this sad But sometimes it feels like the reason I was born Repeat Chorus
“I Wasn’t Keeping Score” (Broderick) I ran into blue skies, I ran into greys I hit lots of long fly balls, ran into Willie Mays I got a gut that I believe sometimes my heart plays crazy hands I owe a couple dollars, I owe a couple more I had to buy my soul back from the man I was before But I've made even with every eye I've ever met Cause I’ve heard it all before I saw the world before the war And I only know we’re losing I wasn’t keeping score I've spent many an hour in quiet contemplation I've loved and lost but it sure ain't much compensation Baby, what am I supposed to do with all this love? I've been broken down, I've been beaten up I've swallowed blood while people screamed I've seen enough And I can hear the rhythm section, but I sure as hell don't hear no bell Repeat chorus
The Roof 05:06
(Broderick) 45 degrees from the fault line that divides my piece of the pie And I can read a book without trying Or bewilder the best minds alive But you cant read a book about power If you wont read a book about love You cant stamp out the flowers Cause you tower above Just cause you’ve got a roof doesn’t mean it aint raining I always put my stock in the sound I think it’s time to forget your training For your feet were meant to leave the ground Sticks in the sand where the plays got designed We were just executing a call And you still havent found why youre taking your time While they're writing our names in the flames on the walll A Kick to the system From a life before this one If ignorance is bliss Oh Hells just infinite wisdom Just because you’ve got a roof doesn’t mean it ain’t raining I always put my stock in the sound I think it’s time you forget your training For your feet were meant to leave the ground We we’re fugitives seeking asylum But we looked like shit from the storm And I could always keep quiet I just couldn’t keep warm Repeat Chorus


Fran Broderick - vocals, rhythm and lead guitars, ukulele
Dan Carter - bass
Shane Kelsen - piano, organ, synth, backing vocals
Zak Lijewski - viola/strings
Zak Mendoza - drums
Dan Merkey - saxophone
Mike "DJ Naps" Napoli - turntables
Ben Rossi - rhythm guitar, synth
Brendan Simms - trombone, backing vox, accordion, shaker, tambourine
Danny Sheehan - lead guitar


released October 21, 2023

Produced and Engineered by Fran Broderick and Brendan Simms
All songs written by Fran Broderick with exception of tracks 1 (Broderick/Kelsen) and 8 (Broderick/Simms)
Mixed by Brendan Simms
Mastered by Matthew Saccuccimorano at Scaramanga Industries
Track 6 Mixed and Mastered by Matthew Ramerman at The Green Room, w/ additional engineering by Danny Sheehan
Album art by Matthew J. Carbone
All songs copyright Left-Handed 2nd Baseman 2023


all rights reserved



Left-Handed 2nd Baseman Rochester, New York

LH2B is the creation of singer/songwriter/producer Fran Broderick. Fusing diverse influences ranging from folk to soul to synthpop, the result is stirring anthems and tender ballads, anchored by Broderick’s captivating lyrics. Band: FB (vox, rhythm and lead guitars), Zak Mendoza (Drums), Dan Carter (Bass), Shane Kelsen (keys), Ben Rossi (rhythm gtr, synth), Brendan Simms (trombone, back vox) ... more

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